This article introduces what is SUI cypto and how to use Sui wallets, includes Suiet wallet and Sui wallet by Mysten Labs to buy SUI.

Sui blockchain by Mysten Lab, is the first permissionless Layer 1 blockchain designed from the ground up to enable creators and developers to build experiences that cater to the next billion users in web3. Sui has drawn tons of attention from crypto, Web 3 players and investors. In September, Sui raised $300 million in a Series B funding round that values the company in excess of $2B.


If you want to get involved in this game and look for some SUI crypto trading, you have first to get your hands on a good wallet and give it a good try on the testent.

Suite, the Sui wallet made for everyone

Suiet is a leading Sui wallet built on Suiecosystem. Suiet claimed that they are designed for everyone, tracks nothing with everything open-sourced.

Currently what you can to with Suiet:

  • Create and import your customized Sui wallet

  • Make SUI crypto transactions with full control

  • Manage your NFTs on Sui

  • Suiet Wallet Kit to connect with ALL Sui wallets for Sui Dapps

Get a Suiet Sui wallet

Two easy steps and you are good to go, this should take less than a minute!

  1. Go to Suiet offical website👉

  2. Download your Suiet wallet.

Trade, receive, and buy SUI tokens.

You can easily get SUI airdrops and do transactions using Suiet.

To send SUI tokens, click “Send” on the homepage. Fill in the address and amount of SUI tokens you would like to send, double check before you click that blue send bar.

Click the “Receive” button, and you will get your QR code and address. Scan the QR code or click to copy your address and pass it to the sender, and you will be notified when you receive the tokens.

Sui wallet by Mysten Labs

The open-sourced Sui Wallet by Mysten Labs gives Sui users the ability to create an address, view and manage assets on the Sui network, and interact with dApps.

To transfer SUI tokens using Sui wallet:

Download here:


Install Suiet now

the Sui wallet made for everyone

Get started

Install Suiet now

the Sui wallet made for everyone

Get started