Why choosing suiet?

Suiet, the leading Sui wallet, is designed for everyone and tracks nothing from users, with everything open-sourced.

Designed for everyone

Suiet is always polishing and pursuing the ultimate user experience to ensure that anyone, veteran or crypto newcomers, get the hang of Suiet in minutes with ease.

Suiet now supports:

  • Create and import your customized Sui wallet

  • Make SUI crypto transactions with full control

  • Manage your NFTs on Sui.

  • Suiet Wallet Kit, the best kit for Sui DApp to connect with ALL Sui wallets

Track Nothing

Nearly ALL other wallets collect data from you and send it to the third party(e.g Google Analytics). Your wallet address will be tracked and all your transactions will be linked to your personal identity, which will make you traceable across the crypto world. But in our mind, the problem is not just about data privacy, but more about data ownership. We believe your data should be owned by you!

So we decided not to track anything from you unless we can find a way to give you the data ownership and make your wallets totally anonymous & untraceable.

Open Source

Problems: Giant companies, which built “walled gardens” on top of the web1.0 and web2.0 protocols, are now controlling everything on the internet. Most of our team members came from those companies, and we want to make some changes.

New standards: there are a lot of things needed to be redefined by our Suiet wallet. We pioneered to explore the features of Sui and developed a set of protocol frameworks to help other projects get a quick start and build the Sui ecosystem together. On the other hand, The valuable feedback from the community will help us grow stronger and faster.

Ownership: ownership is the soul of the crypto world, and we embrace and defend this philosophy. Beyond tracking nothing from you, we even give you the source code ownership. You can do whatever you like based on the Suiet source code. Fork it if you don’t like it.

Trust & Safe: We have seen a lot of exploits and security issues in the crypto world. Some well-known wallets uploaded users’ information, including private keys, to the public cloud. Code is the law. Prove it by the source code instead of saying it loudly on Twitter.

Sounds Great? Get Suiet Sui wallet for free

Two easy steps to start your Suiet journey in Web3! This should take less than a minute.

  1. Go to Suiet official website👉 https://suiet.app/

  2. Download your Suiet wallet from Chrome Web Store, add to your chrome

Find us

Suiet team hopes this article helps you to understand Suiet wallet a bit more . User experience and user security are always Suiet’s priorities. Make sure to connect with us and kindly provide your feedbacks.

If you have any questions or any advice, feel free to tell us

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the Sui wallet made for everyone

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Install Suiet now

the Sui wallet made for everyone

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