Introducing Suiet, the Sui wallet

Suiet is a Sui wallet that helps your Web3 journey easily and safely on the Sui blockchain.

Suiet is designed for everyone and tracks nothing from users, with everything open-sourced.

  • Designed for everyone: Suiet is always polishing and pursuing the ultimate user experience to ensure that anyone, veteran or crypto newcomers, get the hang of Suiet in minutes with ease.

  • Track nothing: we are strong believers in data privacy and data ownership. Suiet track nothing from you, eg, address, transction, where Nearly ALL other wallets do collect data from you. Suiet wallet is gurantteed to be 100% anonymous & untraceable.

  • Everything open-source: our code is open-sourced from day one. You have your source code ownership and you can do whatever you like based on the Suiet source code.

Currently, what you can do with Suiet:

  • Create and import your customized Sui wallet

  • Make SUI crypto transactions with full control

  • Manage your NFTs on Sui.

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Get Suiet Sui wallet for free

Two easy steps and you are good to go. This should take less than a minute!

  1. Go to Suiet official website👉

  2. Download your Suiet wallet from Chrome Web Store, add to your chrome and you are done!

Find us

User experience and user security are always Suiet’s priorities. Make sure to connect with us and kindly provide your feedbacks

Install Suiet now

the Sui wallet made for everyone

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Install Suiet now

the Sui wallet made for everyone

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